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General Dashboard Overview

Prisme comes with a built-in general dashboard to visualize your data in different ways. It is very similar to other analytics dashboards as it is unopiniated and uses common metrics.

This pages introduce and explains every panels of the dashboard.

Let's break down and analyse the dashboard into sections.


Parameters section influences how your analytics data are retrieved and displayed.

It enables you to filter traffic data and visualize only what you want/need. Here is a screenshot of 7 parameters of general dashboard:

General dashboard parameters screenshot

Date Time Range

First parameter is date time range. It is built-in into Grafana, the software we're using to display our dashboard.

This parameter allows you to select the period you want to display (e.g. last 6 months, last 2 hours, etc). You can also select arbitrary date.

Date time range picker screenshot


Next parameter is the domains. Prisme takes a different approach than other analytics services and let you visualize all of you websites data on a single dashboard. This parameter let you filter which domains you want to see. Domain picker screenshot


Path parameter filters pages path.

Operating Systems (OS)

Operating Systems filter on visitors operating systems family.


Browsers filters on visitors browsers family.


Referrals filters on referral sources.


Referrals filters on visitors locations (country).


First section with panels summarizes you website traffic in numbers and percentage.

Change percentages are computed based previous period. If you selected time range Last 2 days - now, changes are computed against Last 4 days - Last 2 days.

Summary section screenshot

Time serie

Second section contains a time serie graph with visits (purple) and page views (blue) over time.

Time serie section screenshot

Top Sources

Next section is about traffic sources. It contains three panels:

Traffic sources section screenshot

First panels shows a top 10 of referrals / sources of traffic.

Second panels is a pie chart showing percentage of direct, internal and external traffic.

Third panel is a top 10 of most viewed pages.


Location sections shows visitors location. First panel is a map with marker size relative to the number of page views per country. Second panel is a top 10 of visitors' locations.

Location section screenshot


Last section is about visitors' devices.

First pie chart shows visitors' browser family.

Second pie chart shows visitors' operating systems family.

Device section screenshot