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Docker Compose Deployment

This page explain briefly how to setup a Prisme Analytics instance using docker compose.


First, you have to make sure to have docker (with docker compose command) installed. Otherwise, please follow official instructions available here.

Setting up the stack

Once you're ready, you can view and download our maintained docker-compose.yml here. It is pretty straightforward and simple as Prisme Analytics is a single binary.


Make sure to read and fully understand the content of the file before deploying.

Once you downloaded and read the file, run the following command in the same directory to start your environment:

docker compose up
# If you want to detach containers from your terminal.
docker compose up -d

That's it! you have a local Prisme Analytics instance running.

You can see all started containers and their status using docker ps.

If one or some of them exited prematurely, you can see logs using docker logs <container_name> and start troubleshooting.


Prisme logs are formatted as JSON, one entry per line. Prisme follows bunyan format so you can pipe logs to bunyan CLI to get a more human readable output.

Before going live

Here are some recommandations before going live:

  • Don't expose your instances directly to the entire internet, use a reverse proxy with TLS capabilities such as traefik or caddy
  • Make and test your backups