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What Is Prisme Analytics ?

Prisme Analytics is an Open Source, privacy-focused and progressive web analytics service.

Let's see what this means in detail.

Web Analytics

From wikipedia definition:

First and foremost, web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data to understand and optimize web usage. It can be used to estimate how traffic to a website changes after launching a new advertising campaign. It helps gauge traffic and popularity trends, which is useful for market research.

Web Analytics tools do essentially 3 things:

  • Collect data
  • Store data
  • Visualize data

There are plenty of Web Analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Matomo but Prisme Analytics approach is unique.


Prisme Analytics is a progressive solution, allowing for quick adoption within minutes for basic needs while also being adaptable to meet your specific requirements.

Tailored Analytics

Since v0.14.0, Prisme supports collecting custom events with arbitrary data. You can create events that matters to your specific business and then visualize them the way you want (pie chart, time serie, gauge, etc).

Ready to Use

Prisme provides a general dashboard and common metrics to help you get started. Number of visits, page views and more are built-in so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.


Prisme Analytics is designed with users privacy in mind. We don't collect personally identifiable information (PII) and we minimize data collection to the strict necessary.

We're GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant by design.

Also, we don't use cookies so you can ditch your cookie banner!

Deeply Open Source

Affirming our commitment to user privacy is one aspect; substantiating it is another. Because Prisme Analytics is in alignment with the Open Source Initiative's (OSI) definition of Open Source, you have the freedom to read, modify, redistribute, and even fork it to develop your own version of Prisme.

Prisme Analytics source code and license are available here and here respectively.