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How to Setup Tracking Script

This guides shows you how to add Prisme Analytics tracking script to your website.

Our tracking script is ultra light (< 1kB) and designed to not slow down your website. You can consult its content here.


Step 1: Add script tag

In order to track pageviews and other metrics, you must add Prisme tracking script on all pages you want to have metrics on.

Regardless of the technology used, the site must contain the following tag:

<script src="https://<your-prisme-instance-hostname>/static/m.js" defer></script>

Depending on the tools you're using to build your website this can be as simple as editing a single file.


Tracking script can be configured

Step 2: Test

Once you've added the script tag, check that tracking works by visiting a page containing it.

Open your browser, navigate to the page and open developer tools (press right click and then inspect).

right click popup

Then go to the network tab:

firefox devtools

And search for requests to https://<your-prisme-instance-hostname>/api/v1/events/pageviews. You should see a POST request with a 200 OK response. On the above screenshot, Prisme instance hostname is

If you received a non 200 response, it means an error occurred. In that case, checkout relevant troubleshoot section.


400 Bad Request

If you received a 400 Bad Request, it means that your Prisme instance rejected the request because it came from an unautorized origin.

This can be fixed by adding your website domain to Prisme origins registry.


For any other errors, check Prisme logs using docker logs <prisme-container-name>.